Rocking and Rolling into the Hall of Fame

6 Mar

Cleveland, OH is about to be rocked by the coming 2012 Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame Induction exhibit coming April 5th – 14th.  This year marks the 27th Annual Induction Ceremony that will be held at Cleveland’s historic Public Hall on Saturday, April 14th 2012. Over the past twenty-six years there have been 273 inductees, including 663 individuals who have been inducted. This year’s roster of inductees includes seventeen different groups and performers that represent musical excellence in all that is rock and roll and deserve a spot next to rock and roll legends like Elvis Presley and The Rolling Stones. The full listing of all seventeen inductees and biographies is available on the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame website  

There are four categories in which a group, performer or other significant influence to the music industry can be recognized for – Performers, Ahmet Ertegun Award, Early Influences and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for Musical Excellence. The 2012 Induction Ceremony will commence at the end of Induction Week and honor those inductees for their dedication and work in the the world of rock and roll.

The Rock and Roll Museum provides various opportunities and events leading up to the Induction Ceremony which allow the public to be apart of the excitement. Here is the lineup of events during Induction Week:

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction 2012 Schedule of Events includes:
·    60th Anniversary Celebration of Moondog Coronation Ball presented by Majic 105.7
·    Girl Talk presented by the Rock Hall and Grog Shop
·    Free Rock My Soul: A Gospel Music Celebration Honoring Kirk Franklin
·    Grateful Dead: The Long, Strange Trip exhibit
·    Free Concert for Cleveland
·    Free Admission Day at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum
·    Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 27th annual Induction Ceremony and Simulcast
·    PLUS the grand opening of the Rock Hall’s Library & Archives

The museum works hard to make the community and its publics aware of events and exhibits going on and welcomes visitors from around the world. Since its opening the Rock and Roll Museum has welcomes eight million visitors through its doors. As the future of rock and roll lies in the hands of future generations, education programs are of high regard to the museum; the various programs the museum offers has proudly reached over 50,000 students. The museum is welcoming local schools and music groups to come for private viewings of the Induction exhibit and hopefully inspire future musicians and performers.

If your unable to attend the various events leading up to the Induction ceremony, you can still be apart of the action by following the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on Twitter and joining the conversation. Social media is everywhere and this years Hall of Fame induction has its own hashtag, #rockhall2012

By creating conversation through Twitter and other social media sites, the 2012 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Week and Ceremony can gain awareness and promote the events leading up to the ceremony. Local businesses in Cleveland are already using the hashtag to give away tickets to the ceremony and generate conversation. If nothing else the 27th annual Induction Ceremony will have some of the most successful public relations techniques and can hopefully continue on and bring in new audiences to what the museum has to offer.


A Tale as Old as Time

3 Dec

Attention all Disney fans and those of us who are still kids at heart! Broadway’s production of Beauty and the Beast is headed to Eugene.

Growing up watching Disney movies and wishing to be a Disney princess I was thrilled to see that Broadway’s production of Beauty and the Beast was coming to Eugene’s very own Hult Center. Having gone to several other on tour Broadway productions including The Lion King, Wicked and Legally Blonde I have no doubt that Beauty and the Beast will be anything less than an exceptional performance.

The show is based off of the Academy Award winning animated feature film, classic Disney at its greatest, and is a musical love story that has won over the hearts of over 35 million people worldwide. The show is only in town for two days, February 28th and 29th, but is a must see in my book. Both shows are at 7 p.m. in the evening and tickets are appropriately priced, so hurry and buy yours before they sell out!

The show has great potential to attract a large audience because it appeals to people of all ages. As my sorority has a large number of girls who love Disney I know that a large group are already planning on attending and I’m assuming many more University of Oregon students will attend as well.

As excited as I am for the show, I was a bit disappointed in the marketing and PR for the show. Broadway productions have a great reputation of providing excellent performances so the show already has a great image established, but I was expecting the Hult Center and the City of Eugene to advertise the show more. I understand the show debut is still a few months out but in doing research for this post I found it very difficult to find any information on the show. Except for the tid bit on the Hult Center’s website  there was almost no advertising or public awareness online. The Hult Center has an active Twitter feed so I’m hoping as time draws nearer they include the show in their posts and are able to generate more conversation.

Well come February 28th I know where I will be, so grab your friends, family and all those Disney lovers and make sure to see what will be a unforgettable performance!

Cirque du Soleil ooh la la

2 Dec

I went to my first Cirque du Soleil show two summers ago with my aunt and uncle and fell in love with the magic of the experience. The glam of the performances, beautiful costumes and array of talent amazed me and will forever have me hooked on the shows. Since then I have seen one other traveling performance but eventually want to see a show in Vegas as well. Cirque du Soleil shows run off of the same layout but are all so different in the themes, costumes and state designs, making each experience different.

So when I saw this article I immediately I had to find out how my major, PR, and cirque du solei are connected. Arik Hanson, the author of the article, wrote about the four PR lessons he took away from his experience with Cirque du Soleil and here they are…

1. Consider your customer’s perspective

2. Make your customers part of the show

3. Don’t forget about artistic design

4. Sweat the details

Hanson’s analysis of what PR lessons he took away from the show got me thinking about my personal experience and if I had noticed any PR correlations. So here are my thoughts on how the show incorporates PR…One of Cirque du Soleil’s greatest achievement in PR is that they are able to connect with their audiences and create unique experiences every time you see a show, so you never feel like you’ve seen the same show twice.

I also found that Cirque du Soleil uses its brand as a marketing tool, like before the show began they also advertised for their other shows and that just the name “Cirque du Soleil” automatically sells the show. People trust the name to be good entertainment and that because the show has already gained so much positive PR that they can easily gain customer’s trust and willingness to purchase tickets to see a show they may not even know about.

Cirque du Soleil might easily be one of my favorite shows and forms of entertainment, I would highly suggest going to see a show and try and look for other ways PR is incorporated into the show!

Standing with the Hat

29 Nov

Around 5 o’clock this evening I watched the Daily Emerald’s live streaming of the Oregon State board of higher education’s decision to terminate UO president Richard Lariviere. A situation that started not but a week before when faculty and students received a saddened email from Lariviere explaining the boards rash decision to not renew his contract and remove him as president.

Since Lariviere came on as president at the University of Oregon, many great changes have been seen around campus from various new buildings including a new science complex and Allen Hall renovations. Lariviere was a good man who had a deep respect for the faculty and students at the university, he only wanted what was best for the school and what could make the UO a top ranked institution. What Lariviere was trying to achieve to better the university was also the cause of his downfall; as public universities are receiving minimal government funding Lariviere planned to focus more on getting private donations and relying on state funding less. The board of higher education disagreed with Lariviere’s innovative idea, turned around and ended his contract causing an uproar amongst faculty, students and many supporters.

It was amazing to be able to see so many people come together so quickly in order to support the president; immediately social media exploded with everyone offering their support to reinstate Lariviere and challenge the board. All over campus people shared their love and support to keep Lariviere as president; the campaign “I stand with the Hat” was a huge success  and was even represented at the Civil War game at Autzen Stadium on Saturday. I was so proud to see this viral video of Chip Kelly awarding Lariviere with the game ball, it was victory that he was very much apart of and in every way deserving.


Students and faculty have been seen on campus with posters, printed t-shirts and petitions fighting to keep their beloved president. What frustrates me the most is how the board doesn’t the see the effect that Lariviere has on the people whom he is serving, isn’t that supposed to be what matters? Lariviere is beloved by community surrounding the University of Oregon and it is heartbreaking to know that a board of adults who aren’t even apart of the school can make a decision that impacts us all.

Colton Totland from the Daily Emerald quotes Lairviere after the announcement of the board’s decision:

“I was told I had the option of resigning, which I didn’t choose, and that my contract wouldn’t be renewed. This wasn’t discussed,” Lariviere said. “It’s a big disappointment to me. I had hoped to serve the UO, and the wonderful people who support it, for a long time. And now I have 30 days.”

As a student at the University of Oregon for the past 3 years I have been lucky enough to see the changes that Lariviere has put into place. Enrollment is at an all time high, overall GPA has increased and most of all the school has become a successful and distinguished institution. I am disappointed the higher education board, not only was the timing of the situation strategically planned but they are not looking at the greater picture. The University of Oregon has suffered a great loss today and the faculty, students and university community will feel this loss. I thank Lariviere for everything he has done for the school and the opportunities he has provided for me as a student. I along with many stand with the hat!

9 Reasons why students shouldn’t stress over their GPA

29 Nov

I remember all throughout high school all my teachers and guidance counselors would tell me to focus on getting good grades because my grades were what mattered when it came to getting into college and my future. They were right about good grades get you into college but as for the rest of my future, they are only letters on paper.

An article posted on Ragan’s PR Daily laid out the 9 aspects that are more important to getting a professional job than your GPA. In today’s professional world and especially in journalism there is a large gap between book smart and experience.  So for all those upcoming college graduates that are worrying whether or not your GPA will keep you from your perfect job; don’t fret! Take a deep breath and relax, learn to be a professional and the skills of the trade and professional success will be in the palm of your hand.

Knowing how you learn

Spend time during college determining how you best learn and retain information. Some people need to see it, some need to hear it, some need to write it, and some need to practice it before it sticks. As an employee, you’ll need to learn new things as you go, remember them, and prove you’ve absorbed the information.

Applying theory to real-life situations

It’s one thing to recite the 4 P’s of marketing or learn how the purchase decision funnel looks on paper, but things won’t always happen in the marketplace the way they do in your textbooks. Learn how to take fundamental information and proven best practices and apply them in new situations or projects. The real world will always throw new variables at you, so knowing how to adapt theory to practice is crucial.

Time management

Learn how much time you need to research and write a paper, get to your classes and jobs on time, fit a workout in your day, and still have something of a social life. Time management is a vital skill. In your professional life, you’ll need to know how to manage your time to meet deadlines, tackle to-do lists, and avoid banging your head against the wall in the process.

Relevant professional experience

Jobs, internships, student organizations, and volunteer projects in your industry will prepare you best for the working world. Do as much as you can to work in your field during college and learn about what you want to do (or in same cases, what you don’t want to do). Your future employer will take your experience as the absolute best indicator for your potential in a new position.

A portfolio proving you can produce work

Keep samples of your best work from classes and internships. Many employers will want to see your work before hiring you. If you’re not building a portfolio through things you’re required to do before you graduate, then produce these things on your own time. Practice writing articles, press releases, pitches, designing publications, compiling clip reports, research summaries, or anything else you might be hired to do. Practice is important. 

The ability to give and receive feedback

Learning to accept praise and criticism is incredibly important. You’ll participate in employee reviews with your boss someday, so the ability to hear different types of feedback, internalize it, and adjust accordingly will matter to your job performance.

It’s also important to learn to how to give feedback to others. When you collaborate with colleagues, you’ll have to offer positive and negative comments on others’ work.

Presentation skills

Offer to be the speaker on behalf of your group in your classes, and learn how to present your projects as an intern. The ability to convey ideas clearly, speak confidently with your bosses, and discuss your experience in interviews will be an important part of your professional life.

Writing skills

It’s sad how many students leave college lacking solid writing ability. Focus on developing this skill, because it will matter in everything from reports to pitches to emails. You don’t have to become a blogger, but finding places to practice writing content and have it edited will really help improve your skills.

Your network

You’ve heard it many times: “Who you know is more important than what you know.” It’s true. (It’s what you need and who you know.) Start building your network right away. Get in the habit of meeting new people, nourishing your relationships, and helping others by making introductions. You are most likely to find job opportunities through your network. Build it!


I’m not saying from this article students should stop going to class, rather quite the opposite. Going to class doing the work and making connections with other students and faculty is the key to success! College is supposed to prepare you for the professional world, just remember to not let the letters on paper defer you from thinking you can’t get the job you want.

Bringing in the Holiday Cheer

24 Nov

Its the eve of Thanksgiving and all through the house anticipation grows for the feast that will come with the following day, but for some the anticipation is for the notorious black Friday sales on November 25th. As much fun as it sounds to spend money I don’t have I sadly will not be waking up at the crack of dawn this year to shop but rather be heading to work to serve all the shoppers their morning coffee.  For those of you out there who are not black Friday shoppers, there is another way for you to kick off the holiday season, Eugene’s very own 5th Street Public Market is having their own annual event Night of a Thousand Stars gala.

The event kicks off at 5 p.m.on Friday, November 25th and is a fun way to welcome the holidays with music, dancing and holiday cheer! The star studded evening includes a full schedule of local performers and artists, including a special performance from the Eugene Opera. The event is family friendly and will include the opportunity to get photos and visit with Santa; donations are welcome to benefit the gala’s partner and local adoption agency, A Family for Every Child.

5th Street Public Market is a great place to see the best of Eugene, and have the opportunity to interact with local businesses an talent. The atmosphere is always fun and with so many different shops and restaurants there is always something new to see and try. So if your not feeling like shopping all day or getting out and about after a day full of eating you should head down to 5th street and welcome in the holidays!

Creativity Counts

21 Nov

As you may already know or are learning I am quite the coffee fanatic and have a deep love for Starbucks. Everything about the holiday season at Starbucks is merry, from their Christmas display to the ever so popular red holiday cups. I was on the Starbucks website checking on my progress towards a gold rewards card when I came across their new promotional ad campaign and instantly fell in love with it.


Just because I have a love for the brand, I haven’t always been a fan of Starbucks’ advertising but this ad brought more to the table. I think the first thing that made me love the ad was the hand cut snowflakes kites; it brought back my childhood memories of making my own coffee filter snowflakes and gave me an emotional attachment to the ad. The ad’s greatest achievement was its success is making you feel like Christmas is here, the snowflakes usher in the holidays and create the feeling of holiday cheer. The ad’s portrayal of community in a big city and how Starbucks brings everyone together seems appropriate message as the holidays are known to bring everyone together.

One of the ad’s greatest successes was the subtle placement of holiday cups  throughout the commercial, they did it in a way that was quite clever and surprisingly not tacky. Instead of the ad focusing on the product the entire time they allowed for the viewer to connect with the emotion and joy of the holiday spirit, which is one of the most valuable marketing techniques. Even though the ad campaign is directed towards the “buy one holiday drink, get one free” promotion and will only run from November 17th-20th, the ad is designed to kick off holiday drink sales. I may be reading too much into the ad but my analyzation was that the flying of the snowflake kites represented the desire for the holiday season even though it isn’t officially the Christmas season till after Thanksgiving. The point was that people are ready for the holidays and why not enjoy a Starbucks holiday drink and welcome in the festivities.

The holiday season is a huge PR and marketing opportunity for Starbucks and they are smart to take full advantage of it. As corporate as they may be, they do have a knack for good PR and making themselves apart of their community. I applaud the marketing team who designed this ad and the PR professionals for their success in promoting Starbucks in a way that removes the corporate image.