25 Oct

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“Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.”  – Albert Szent-gyorgyi

As an aspirational event planner I found Julius Solaris’s blog post “10 Resources for Event Marketing Inspiration” to be delightfully entertaining and insightful.  Between Solaris’s humorous personality and straight to the point writing fashion the post is an easy read but you also walk away with some new ideas.

What I most appreciated about the post was how each marketing idea was supported with an example from real work. Here are the event marketing ideas provided by Solaris to equip you for the perfect event.

Quirky business ideas and campaigns. SPRINGWISE.

This is a must read for everyone in business. Springwise is particularly popular with event lovers. There is some hidden synergy in the way our mind works and the way this blog throws at us amazing trends from around the world. I invite you to have a look at theMARKETING AND ADVERTISING SECTION.

2. Flyers and Invites Collections. FLYER INSPIRATION.

This website is dedicated to collect the best flyers for clubs and music events. I guess we all agree these kind of events produce the best flyers in the industry.

3. Event Websites Inspiration US.

When it gets to finding inspiration for event website design, we pride ourselves for delivering the best content. Look no further and use the search box!

4. Brochure Design. SMASHING MAGAZINE.

Smashing Magazine means inspiration in design. In the above post they showcased 50 beautiful fashion brochures. And Fashion knows how to do brochures.


Gianfranco is an event marketer that goes to lots of cool events. So what? You may say. Well, he makes in depth reviews and adds pictures of the goodie bags. Have a look.

6. Event Blog. PROBLOGGER.

Darren Rowse has been constantly delivering ideas and suggestions to make your blog better. Have a look at THIS POST to begin.


Well, just scroll through the list and learn from the masters.

8. Video. TED.

When looking at how to make and use video, TED is the example to follow. Review their database and have a look at how they master video to augment the event.

9. Buzz for Product Launch. Apple.

No product launch will ever match the level of noise and buzz that Apple generates. Tons of blog posts, top trending topic on Twitter worldwide. HERE IS A REVIEW of their approach.

10. Email Marketing. EMAIL DESIGN REVIEW.

This website is packed with best practices and examples of some of the most amazing emails ever sent. Forward it to your friends.


I found it interesting to see how event planning and marketing has changed over the years  and how large a role social media plays. Several of his ideas suggest getting inspiration from event bloggers and websites, which I found comforting as I have been active reader of the bridal blog, Southern Weddings Magazine  for years and love all the great ideas that are shared! The most important piece I took out of this post was that inspiration shouldn’t be plagiarized but that its okay to look around see what others have done right and wrong and be able to formulate your own ideas.

I am grateful for Solaris’s tips and look forward to using his resources as I establish my own inspirational ideas for events.


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