Getting Batty at the UO Theatre

15 Nov

I’ve never been much of a theatre person myself, other than attending the occasionally Broadway production with the family. I can also honestly say that in my four years at the university I have not had the opportunity to see a UO Theatre production, and do wish to change that before graduation. So when a fellow co-worker of mine boasted about the University of Oregon Theater’s current production of Bat Boy, I decided to take a better look.

The University of Oregon’s production of Bat Boy is a musical, far different from anything you’ve ever seen. Produced by Keythe Farley, Brian Flemming and music and lyrics by Laurence O’keefe, he show’s primarily put on by students. The show debut on November 4th and holds performances till the 19th at the Robinson Theatre on the UO campus.

The show itself is comical, with a mix of weirdness, romance and cross dressing. According to my co-worker who is performing in the show, many of the characters are gender mixed and its not rare to see a muscular college guy wearing pink heels. The show is a bit racy with language expletives, gore and sex, making the age requirement 16 years.

On the University Theater’s website you can find more information on times and tickets pricing as well as links to several reviews by local publications, such as the Eugene Weekly and the Register Guard.  Both reviews praised the theatre program for yet another successful performance and raved about the high energy actors/actresses and wild and wacky makings of Bat Boy.  I did find it interesting though that both reviews also pointed out the need for actors to stay on pitch, which if that is the only thing holding this performance back then it must be good!

 The musical is hysterical and great fun, but the script catches at an odd place. It is too deep to be frivolous, too campy to be serious.

– Anna Grace, Eugene Weekly

Another huge attribute to the success of Bat Boy and increase in public relations is that now all UO students can get into the shows for free with their student ID card. Before, students had to buy tickets along with the general public which made student attendance low. Since the theatre program doesn’t have much of advertising outside of the newspapers and word of mouth, the more students are able to see the show and share their experiences the more success the UO Theatre will have at increasing ticket sales. So whether your a student or member of the Eugene community I highly suggest going to see the show. Its an evening you won’t forget, and remember to be prepared for the unexpected!


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