Creativity Counts

21 Nov

As you may already know or are learning I am quite the coffee fanatic and have a deep love for Starbucks. Everything about the holiday season at Starbucks is merry, from their Christmas display to the ever so popular red holiday cups. I was on the Starbucks website checking on my progress towards a gold rewards card when I came across their new promotional ad campaign and instantly fell in love with it.


Just because I have a love for the brand, I haven’t always been a fan of Starbucks’ advertising but this ad brought more to the table. I think the first thing that made me love the ad was the hand cut snowflakes kites; it brought back my childhood memories of making my own coffee filter snowflakes and gave me an emotional attachment to the ad. The ad’s greatest achievement was its success is making you feel like Christmas is here, the snowflakes usher in the holidays and create the feeling of holiday cheer. The ad’s portrayal of community in a big city and how Starbucks brings everyone together seems appropriate message as the holidays are known to bring everyone together.

One of the ad’s greatest successes was the subtle placement of holiday cups  throughout the commercial, they did it in a way that was quite clever and surprisingly not tacky. Instead of the ad focusing on the product the entire time they allowed for the viewer to connect with the emotion and joy of the holiday spirit, which is one of the most valuable marketing techniques. Even though the ad campaign is directed towards the “buy one holiday drink, get one free” promotion and will only run from November 17th-20th, the ad is designed to kick off holiday drink sales. I may be reading too much into the ad but my analyzation was that the flying of the snowflake kites represented the desire for the holiday season even though it isn’t officially the Christmas season till after Thanksgiving. The point was that people are ready for the holidays and why not enjoy a Starbucks holiday drink and welcome in the festivities.

The holiday season is a huge PR and marketing opportunity for Starbucks and they are smart to take full advantage of it. As corporate as they may be, they do have a knack for good PR and making themselves apart of their community. I applaud the marketing team who designed this ad and the PR professionals for their success in promoting Starbucks in a way that removes the corporate image.


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