Cirque du Soleil ooh la la

2 Dec

I went to my first Cirque du Soleil show two summers ago with my aunt and uncle and fell in love with the magic of the experience. The glam of the performances, beautiful costumes and array of talent amazed me and will forever have me hooked on the shows. Since then I have seen one other traveling performance but eventually want to see a show in Vegas as well. Cirque du Soleil shows run off of the same layout but are all so different in the themes, costumes and state designs, making each experience different.

So when I saw this article I immediately I had to find out how my major, PR, and cirque du solei are connected. Arik Hanson, the author of the article, wrote about the four PR lessons he took away from his experience with Cirque du Soleil and here they are…

1. Consider your customer’s perspective

2. Make your customers part of the show

3. Don’t forget about artistic design

4. Sweat the details

Hanson’s analysis of what PR lessons he took away from the show got me thinking about my personal experience and if I had noticed any PR correlations. So here are my thoughts on how the show incorporates PR…One of Cirque du Soleil’s greatest achievement in PR is that they are able to connect with their audiences and create unique experiences every time you see a show, so you never feel like you’ve seen the same show twice.

I also found that Cirque du Soleil uses its brand as a marketing tool, like before the show began they also advertised for their other shows and that just the name “Cirque du Soleil” automatically sells the show. People trust the name to be good entertainment and that because the show has already gained so much positive PR that they can easily gain customer’s trust and willingness to purchase tickets to see a show they may not even know about.

Cirque du Soleil might easily be one of my favorite shows and forms of entertainment, I would highly suggest going to see a show and try and look for other ways PR is incorporated into the show!


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