A Tale as Old as Time

3 Dec

Attention all Disney fans and those of us who are still kids at heart! Broadway’s production of Beauty and the Beast is headed to Eugene.

Growing up watching Disney movies and wishing to be a Disney princess I was thrilled to see that Broadway’s production of Beauty and the Beast was coming to Eugene’s very own Hult Center. Having gone to several other on tour Broadway productions including The Lion King, Wicked and Legally Blonde I have no doubt that Beauty and the Beast will be anything less than an exceptional performance.

The show is based off of the Academy Award winning animated feature film, classic Disney at its greatest, and is a musical love story that has won over the hearts of over 35 million people worldwide. The show is only in town for two days, February 28th and 29th, but is a must see in my book. Both shows are at 7 p.m. in the evening and tickets are appropriately priced, so hurry and buy yours before they sell out!

The show has great potential to attract a large audience because it appeals to people of all ages. As my sorority has a large number of girls who love Disney I know that a large group are already planning on attending and I’m assuming many more University of Oregon students will attend as well.

As excited as I am for the show, I was a bit disappointed in the marketing and PR for the show. Broadway productions have a great reputation of providing excellent performances so the show already has a great image established, but I was expecting the Hult Center and the City of Eugene to advertise the show more. I understand the show debut is still a few months out but in doing research for this post I found it very difficult to find any information on the show. Except for the tid bit on the Hult Center’s website  there was almost no advertising or public awareness online. The Hult Center has an active Twitter feed so I’m hoping as time draws nearer they include the show in their posts and are able to generate more conversation.

Well come February 28th I know where I will be, so grab your friends, family and all those Disney lovers and make sure to see what will be a unforgettable performance!


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