Nike Shareholders Letter

NIKE, Inc Shareholders,

NIKE, Inc is proud to be an innovator and leader in the athletic industry. As the largest distributor, marketer and designer of athletic apparel and footwear in the world, high quality construction and innovation are all key to the company’s success.  Nike focuses on growth and capitalizing on its own potential. As a company we believe that to be successful we must connect with our consumers, reward our shareholders and make our mark around the globe.


In the past twelve months Nike tripled its cash flow from operations, paid out over $3 million in dividends and purchased $7 million in stocks. Even greater, these triumphs allowed for a 17 percent annual return to shareholders. In 2011, sales in the U.S alone accounted for 43 percent of total revenues, an increase from the previous year. As a whole Nike’s revenue increased by 10 percent bringing sales to a record high of $20.9 billion.


Nike is proud to employ over 38,000 employees worldwide and be operating 743 stores between the U.S and international markets. Over the past ten years Nike has achieved or exceeded all of our financial goals and is ahead of schedule in reaching our goals of bringing in $27 billion in revenue by 2015.


One of the most influential thriving forces behind the success of Nike is innovation, not only with our athletic products but innovation in brand, retail, operations and communication. Without innovation the company would not be able to remain as the leading competitor in the global market. Nike is furthering its sustainability and decreasing the use of natural resources with the release of the Environmental Design Tool and the ability to design products that can help reduce waste and inspire further innovation of sustainable designs. The design tool allowed for Nike to reclaim 13 million plastic bottles from landfills and create high-performance jerseys that were seen on nine football teams in the World Cup. By reaching new frontiers with innovative designs Nike is giving the athletes the ability to reach their full potential and taking the athletic apparel market to the next level.


Looking back at the past year we have exceeded our expectations and continued Nike’s legacy of building a better company while helping to build a better world. As a leading innovator the Nike Corporation has only begun its technological advance for the performance of athletes and will continue to do so and define the industry. As the CEO of Nike I am proud of what the company has accomplished and look forward to a future of innovation and positive change.


Mark Parker

President and Chief Executive



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