Social Media Plan – J452

   Personal Social Media Plan

By Courtney Parks




I found my passion for public relations during my senior year in high school when I was elected executive secretary of events; I loved being able to use my creativity and organizational skills to plan large community events. In the summer of 2010 I was fortunate enough to have had an internship with Hillsboro Markets. The internship gave me first hand experience with planning large-scale events, collaborating with a variety of people and writing press releases. It was a great learning opportunity and allowed me to gain experience in using social media to promote and expand the market’s audience and plan various community events.


Currently I work for the UO Duckstore as a Barista in the coffee bar. I’ve had my job at the Duckstore for the past three years and have had many opportunities to expand my customer service skills and even do a bit of networking around the university. My interest in public relations came from my love of planning and engagement in social media. My hope is to one day incorporate my love for weddings and passions for planning and work for a wedding consultant company as a wedding planner.



Growing up in height of the digital age I consider myself to be well versed with social media, as I am an active user and believer in the power of networking. I have used tools such as Twitter, Facebook, WordPress and Tumblr in my daily life and have grown accustomed to using such tools as forms of communication. I believe that a social media tool is only as good as the amount of its users, and personally have found the most success with Facebook and Twitter and WordPress. One of the greatest innovations on social media I’ve seen is how you can connect various sites to one another, for example, I can connect my Tumblr feed and WordPress posts to my Facebook and share that content with all my followers.


Recently I have been trying out Tumblr but haven’t felt the need to actively use it; there isn’t a lot of interaction on Tumblr because it is mainly sharing photos amongst your followers. I don’t feel like Tumblr has anything that makes it stand out from other social media sites, on sites like Facebook and Flickr where you can also post pictures generate a lot more conversation than what I’ve seen on Tumblr.


  1. A. Social media is changing the way people interact; it opens doors for new opportunities and broadens connections. Since coming to college, my use of social media has changed, now I use my social media tools to network with other students, professors and people who share the same interests as me. I plan to use social media to market my skills and build relationships with possible employers and potential contacts. My Twitter account has been a great networking tool; I mentioned in my profile that I am an aspiring wedding planner and immediately received follower requests from various wedding planners all over the U.S.


I plan to maintain my connections with friends and family via social media sites because sharing photos, statuses and insight to one another lives is becoming easier and easier. Staying connected with those closest to you can also lead to further networking.


What I plan to accomplish:


I will be using social media platforms such as Twitter and WordPress to implement strategies of listening, learning, networking and creating quality content on community events in the Eugene area.


My audience will be heavily focused towards students but also extend to staff, faculty and members of the local community. I would also like to network with local organizations, businesses and venues that are contributors and stakeholders for local events.




1. Listening and Learning – paying attention to conversations and seeing what trends people are responding to. Listening and learning is a vital because you have to be listening for what is going on and what people are conversing about in order to be able to respond and gather content.


I plan to use Twitter extensively as a listening tool because it allows you to follow users and be updated on their most current news. Twitter will give me the ability to see what topics are trending in the Eugene community and interact with local organization and businesses that use Twitter to reach out to audiences and promote their events.


  • I will use listening and learning to search for content related to community events in Eugene and see what people are interested in.
  • If I can determine what the community is interested in I can gauge content to what my audience will want.
  • I plan to use twitter content from local businesses, venues, performers and community planners to hear about events and then do further research. I will also review local publications online and in print looking for community events and happenings.
  • Measuring my success will be easy to gauge because if I am discovering content and creating a platform of local community events, I can therefore form my own content based on my knowledge.


2. Building relationships and networking – social media websites are allowing people to connect through photos, interests and generate continuous communication that can build relationships globally.

  • In order to establish relationships and networking between myself and the local community I will be using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to connect with members and businesses in the local community.
  • By showing my interest in local events and interacting (ex- “@” or RT with contributors on Twitter), I can then be apart of that group of contributors.
  • My success will be measured by the amount of connections and contacts in the local Eugene area. The more networking and interactions there is, the more content, ideas and information will be available.
  • It is also important to maintain connections and relationships, the entire point of networking is to collaborate and develop communities around similar interests.


Social Media Platforms:




The topic of my WordPress blog will be community relations. I plan to create content that is based on local Eugene events and incorporate some of my own personal interests that pertain to PR. I will focus on how local organizations and businesses use PR to promote and use social media to communicate their events. The blog will consist of posts covering different events and include links to related websites, Facebook pages and Twitter feeds.


  1. Tactics


  • Set up blog on WordPress and make it user friendly
  • There will be an about me section allowing users to know about the author and my purpose behind blogging.
  • Establish a code of ethics
  • Update the blog on a weekly basis so the content is up to date and accurate.
  • Create content that is intriguing to my audience and serves a purpose.
  • Topics I plan to pursue:

-Matt Arena events

– Hult Center events

– University or Oregon events

– 5th Street Market events


  1. Measuring my success


The quality and accuracy of the content on the blog will be a measurement of my success because if I use my strategies and tools like I have planned to I will have an awareness of local events and be able to produce posts based on those events. The more in depth my posts are will show the amount of research put in as well as availability of information on that event.



    1. Use my personal Twitter account (@courty_p) and link it to my blog
    2. Follow local contributors (ex- The Hult Center, 5th Street Market, Matt Arena)
    3. Follow local publications (ex- Daily Emerald)
    4. Be actively involved in the conversation, include 2 “@” or RT per week.
    5. Tweet at least once a day about information related to my topic.
    6. Make an effort to tweet links to other events going on and stay away from “noise”
    7. Network!


  1. Find Facebook pages for local organizations, charities and businesses that participate in local Eugene events.
  2. “Like” local organizations and business Facebook pages to receive updates and information on current events (ex- 5th Street Market and Greenhill Humane Society)


Local Publications:

  1. Read the Daily Emerald and Register Guard on a daily basis
  2. Monitor the content on their websites and Twitter feeds




October Posts

  • Set up WordPress blog – 10/3/11
  • Blogroll – 10/3/11
  • Write blog bio – 10/5/11
  • Write first blog post on Miranda Lambert concert “Bringing the Country to Eugene” – 10/13/11
  • Write blog policies – 10/15/11
  • 2nd blog post – “Halloween is just around the corner at 5th street market” – 10/20/11


November Posts

  • “Its that time of year again” -11/1/11
  • “Eugene an up and coming country hotspot” -11/5/11
  • “Love is money” – 11/14/11
  • “Getting Batty at the UO theatre” -11/15/11
  • “Creativity Counts” – 11/22/11
  • “Bringing in the holiday cheer” – 11/24/11
  • “Standing with the hat” – 11/29/11



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